LoveGeist 2010: Precisely What Do Female Daters Seem Like This Year?

The LoveGeist Report 2010-2011 starts with an easy a review of the current matchmaking neighborhood. Precisely what do contemporary daters appear like? Just what are their own likes and dislikes? Just what faculties would they look for in someone?

Why don’t we uncover.

The Female of the Varieties

What does an average female dater resemble this season? Overview of 75,000 female people revealed that she:

  • is actually between 25 and thirty years old (22per cent associated with the sample).
  • Means 5’5″ large (15per cent).
  • Is a brunette (31%) with blue eyes (40per cent).
  • Thinks the woman eyes tend to be their well feature (53per cent).
  • Views her physique as ordinary (36per cent).
  • Sees by herself as easygoing (32per cent) and sociable (14per cent).
  • Is actually smart (53per cent have actually a degree, in contrast to 13per cent associated with general feminine population associated with UK).
  • likes vacation above all other activities, followed by flicks, conversation, and cooking.
  • Typically most likely works from inside the health, dental, or veterinarian industry (11percent).

To determine just what this typical feminine member wants from her male matches, match while the upcoming Foundation analyzed ladies multiple choice answers. It would appear that the best man considers their figure as “average” (90%), and contains small (97per cent), dark brown (89%) locks, blue eyes (84percent), and an easygoing character (86per cent).

  • Black locks was available in next (75per cent), followed closely by mild brown (73percent), blonde (59percent), as well as the salt-and-pepper appearance (38%). Guys with cropped or bare hair happened to be common (56%), and bald males discovered followers in 26percent of’s female population.
  • The majority of older women seeking younger men resoundingly favored a typical physique, however 38per cent chosen lean guys and 34% enjoyed males with some extra pounds.
  • Females like males with vision which are…well…eye-catching. 78% price them as a person’s most attractive feature, with “an attractive laugh” (77%), “an excellent bottom” (35percent), and “great hands” (27percent). Ft scored the lowest, with merely 4%.
  • As much as individuality goes, females want easygoing men with great sensory faculties of laughter (86per cent). “Thoughtful” men additionally scored extremely (75percent), because did those who find themselves “sociable” (74percent) and “reliable” (73per cent).
  • Inside the time, just the right man is partial to eating out and touring. The younger ladies are most contemplating men which enjoy movies and songs, while the 50+ set go for guys exactly who show a desire for farming.

Women and gentlemen, guess what happens will come subsequent: this is the men’s room look to make spotlight!

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