Cuban Wedding Customs

In Tina, one of the wedding traditions is a “misa sobre fianza, inches or perhaps “festival great luck. inches It’s a pre-wedding special event where the few exchanges rings and stocks and shares a special show up. The bride’s parents also give the blessing over the marriage. Customarily, Cuban weddings take place in a church, although ceremony can be performed on the bride’s residence or in the groom’s home.

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Cuban wedding ceremonies are generally very colorful, emotional affairs that are stuffed with dancing and singing. A considerable procession is often conducted to the community center, where people will sing and dance in the avenues to hope the newlyweds happiness. This kind of ceremony is astrology and online dating generally followed by a boogie that the few will dance to. A regular Cuban marriage also includes a marriage cake.

Guests at a Cuban wedding often share wedding party gifts. Most gifts are handmade and include frills with the woman and groom’s names to them. Cigars are often given to the woman. While weddings in Barrica are generally not religious, the marriage commemoration is still a major event meant for the newlyweds and the families.

Cuban marriage ceremonies differ from those in the usa, while there are some commonalities between the two nationalities. While the most Cubans claim the Christian faith, many also abide by other religions just like Catholicism and Santeria. Wedding ceremony ceremony iis a remarkable mix of existing traditions.